The Angelic Influence Inherent Within Social Media

Previously, I posted a brief but provocative piece entitled “The Evil Side of Social Media”.  Through spamming, scamming and duplicity, it is true that Social Media applications can be used to confuse, exploit and mis-represent.  However, there is another side to Social Media that embraces the good and beautiful inherent in all people and helps to express the “one behind the many.”

Various religious sources vouch for the existence and importance of angels.  Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other world religions accept the important role angels have in bringing forth the best in individuals and groups of people.  In fact, the Five Books of Moses, the New Testament, the Koran, the carved cave temples of Buddhism in India & China, the free standing temples of Hinduism and the friezes carved on their outer and inner walls ….  all bear witness to Angels and the role they have played in human history and the path of spirituality, metaphysical study and practice.

The most common definition of an Angel is that of a “messenger”.  The primary role of a messenger is to communicate.  The communicated message comes from the realms that exist beyond our normal sense perception of the physical world.   Generally, these messages are in reaction to difficult situation that a person finds themselves in or doesn’t even know is about to occur.  Angels can come with warnings or advice, but invariably it is there role to help people deal with life challenges, overcome an obstacle, or to warn them about an oncoming disaster or tragedy.

So, what does this have to do with Social Media?  One of the things that makes the social web so engaging and social media so exciting is the unpredictability of the responses and interaction we receive when we cast our bread upon the waters as ideas to be shared with the million upon millions of other people who gain access to our ideas when we publish them as blogs or comments.  The angelic influence inherent within the process and publication components of Social Media are the positive messages of encouragement, the unsolicited direction and interactivity that comes in so many ways from so many people who are “somewhere out there.”  Just as angelic influences come to us in ways that impact our lives for the better, so too our lives can be positively impacted by the interactions and feedback we receive from the unknown millions who are “out there.”   As people respond or reach out and help to make our thinking better, enhance our feelings of self worth, and inspire us to continue becoming the best we can be, they are just like angels to us.   It is clear that social media applications provide a new way for receiving messages that have an impact that is meaningful, and often, persistent.

Please let me know what you think about this post.  I’m looking for more angels to engage with and learn from.  I know you are out there…so please let me hear from you.

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