Strategic Management Consulting

Strategic Management Consulting

Our approach to strategic management consulting is data driven and focuses on helping an organization’s leadership to achieve its short and longer-term business goals. These goals can focus on creating new organizational, capabilities, increasing revenue, or containing cost through process improvement and/or innovation. An engagement typically starts with a strategy session with leadership focused on identifying strategic goals, performance outcome metrics (KPIs), and specific targets that will be used to measure the effectiveness of the initiative.

Once these objectives are clarified and aligned with specific business outcomes, a Discovery process takes place, which generally includes document analysis, interviews, focus groups and benchmarking research to provide leadership with vision into what other, comparable companies/organizations are doing to meet similar challenges.

As a result of this Discovery process, a report is produced which includes both a description of the current, “as is” state, and a set of near term recommendations (low hanging fruit) that can be applied to as a means to achieveimmediate improvement, as well as a set of longer term, strategic suggestions that can be used as the basis for continuous improvement. These suggestions are typically organized using a traditional consulting framework that examines the utilization and inter-relationship oftechnology, people and process working in an integrated way to achieve the desired change and business results.

Cost for strategic management consulting services depends upon the complexity of the project being undertaken but typically ranges from about 3.5K to 10K including the following process steps:


If Discovery process is associated with a larger project that The Kantor Group will be implementing for the client, prices for Discovery phase will be reduced by 50%.