Market Intel, Research & Vendor Selection

Market Intel, Research & Vendor Selection

Senior managers and directors of L&D often are so busy; they just don’t have the time to conduct the due diligence necessary to stay abreast of changes in their own field, especially as they relate to the rapid changes taking place in the world of educational technology.

A good example of this has been the rapid proliferation of PAAS and SAAS and the movement of data from behind an organization’s firewall and into the Cloud. In light of concerns about cyber security and the importance of protecting employee and customer data, corporate and organizational managers need to know the most current and effective solutions.

More and more L&D professionals are recognizing the constraints that result from their use of traditional SCORM-based, closed source Learning Management Systems and are looking for alternative solutions.

In addition, the needs exemplified by the Millennial generation for personal growth opportunities, and senior members of a company’s workforce trying to hold on to their positions, has resulted in an increased organizational urgency focused on a shift from only mandatory-type on-boarding and compliance training to providing opportunities for personal development leveraging existing resources from across the Internet (see: Linked In Lynda.Com, Degreed, Declara & EdCast).

Personalized instructional content and self-directed learning has resulted in the “consumerization” of learning [CLO Magazine, (8/2016) and requires a different approach to design and delivery than most L&D Groups are currently using more over, we are currently witnessing the proliferation of open source, Learning Ecosystems that include learning, content and course management features and functions and enable the integration of Web 2.0 Services and APIs (Bersin at Deloitte, 2016).

These new Learning Ecosystems can be used reduce development costs, increase speed to delivery and are much more user friendly than most legacy LMSes.

The goal of the Kantor Group is to help L&D professionals obtain the edge over both their internal and external competitors by providing them with the kind of targeted research reports and market intelligence that they just don’t have the time to engage in themselves.

Cost for this type of professional service will vary according to project requirements and the magnitude of the initiative. In some instances, prospective clients have decided to retain the Kantor Group to provide them with ongoing market Intel about a specific technology or developing trend in the field of HR digitization.

Typical deliverable produced for this type of project would normally be a well-indexed Word doc and a PP deck used for live presentation and meeting facilitation.