Solution & Learning Architecture

Solution & Learning Architecture

A solution architecture focuses on the different components that together comprise an organization’s approach to supporting the planning, analysis, design – development, implementation and evaluation of their training and performance support offerings. Typically, this solution architecture takes into account the specific business objectives of a company or organization and the learning and required capabilities necessary to support those goals. Some typical objectives might include increased sales, faster speed to competency in using a particular system or executing a new and improved business process or addressing other performance issues that might be causing decreased customer satisfaction, product defects, and workforce dis-engagement.

All these challenges that can be addressed by an effective and well-thought out learning strategy that takes into account budgetary constraints, the need to uplift specific organizational roles, improve tactics for leadership
development, and of well-conceived, definition of learning paths and enterprise curriculum designed to improve current and future workforce capabilities.

Solution architecture can be drafted using two different methodologies:
(1) making the best use of current people, process and technology; and
(2) taking a green field approach for the design and creation of new, more efficient business processes, roles and responsibilities and performance goals, and implement ingnew technologies that are game changers compared to current learning technologies being used.

Typically, learning strategy is developed in collaboration with the client after a standard Discovery process that examines current state and potential options for improvement. After validating the requirements for improvement, a solution architecture is then produced guided by the learning strategy, budgetary and resource allocations and timing around schedule and implementation.

Cost for developing a learning strategy and solution architecture will vary based on complexity and magnitude of the work required. For best outcomes, it is strongly recommended that a Discovery phase takes place, so the options for solution architecture will be data driven and align with the most significant client needs and objectives.