Evaluation Strategy & Process Design

Evaluation Strategy & Process Design

At the Kantor Group, we believe that if evaluation outcomes aren’t easy to understand and act upon, the likelihood that they will be consistently implemented decreases. orbased upon common sense principles, or doesn’t yield actionable results that provide practical. Informed organizational leadership needs to be able to trust that their strategic planning and tactical decisions are based on reliable, non-confounded results.

Too often evaluation is plagued by various human errors in data collection and entry, and poorly defined processes that reduce the trustworthiness and prevent timely access to the results. This can be caused by biased or confounded survey instruments, antiquated data collection processes that rely too heavily on an assortment of well meaning workers who are ill-prepared to collect, cleanse, aggregate, analyze and report evaluation data culled from completion records and surveys.

This is exactly the kind of tasks that computers are a much faster and more accurate at executing. Many organizations have limited budget for implementing technology that can be used to pull data from various, dis-integrated data sources and arrange them into an organized scorecard or dashboard. Or, corporate managers purchase a Learning Management System that claims to have excellent on-board capabilities around for doing learning analytics only to discover that the actual on board learning analytics’ capability is inflexible and unable to automatically produce the reports their business partners require to run the business or satisfy regulators.

If you have the budget, we can recommend best of breed technology that supports the evaluation process using third party middle ware and reporting solutions that integrate with your current LMS. If you don’t have the budget ofr new technology, we ca introduce you to one of our strategic partners who are experienced and adept building reporting functionality onto and within your current LMS.

We also can support your company with process design services. This service helps you to draft a step-by step process using a swim lane diagram that depicts both the process steps and role-based accountability across different business units or functional areas within your organization. This documentation, when socialized with and validated by your people, increases your organization’s ability to operationalize your evaluation strategy by making explicit an effective, cross organizational process that can be governed by executive leadership.

Some of the measurement/evaluation methods and techniques we use, when appropriate, include Kirkpatrick, Phillips, Brinkerhoff and Bersin. We are also conversant in using Knowledge Advisor’s “Smart Survey” &their Metrics That Matter benchmarks as well as, and measuring an organization’s current Net Promoter Score (NPS) aligned to Bain Consulting L&D Group benchmarks.

ROI studies are also available, but given their complexity, data requirements and longitudinal framework, each ROI study should be seen as a custom engagement and with a quoted price based on the client’s business requirements, complexity of data architecture, and the magnitude and proposed duration of the project.