Our Mission

Our goal is to focus on the positive and figure out ways to enhance the preparedness, productivity and engagement of a specific workforce or any segment within it within the authentic, honest context where real work is executed.

Learning technologies can be used authoritatively to force compliance or in a humane way that emphasizes personal development and positive aspects of an organization’s mission. Both of these approaches have a role to play to meet today’s L&D challenges. However, most of the time the authoritarian approach is what gets the focus and budget resources while personal development gets short shrift and lip service. Why shouldn’t workplace learning and organizational preparedness be approached in a fun and humanistic way? Leveraging a host of innovative, strategic partners (SweetRush, Zeroed In, Tott Labs, CyberLabs, eLearning Mind, BrainX and others) we provide corporate managers with the opportunity to build innovative solutions at a reasonable cost point with the least degree of risk.

Some of the key deliverables we produce for clients include:

• Discovery Reports With Recommendations For Improvement
• (Focus on learning operations, instructional efficiency & organizational constraints preventing full-bore HR – Learning & Development Digitization.
• Program Level & Initiative-based Solution Architecture
• Learning Strategy & Architecture
• Evaluation Strategy and Measurement
• New Survey Development
• Process Design For: Data Collection, Cleansing, Analytics & Reporting
• Technology Readiness Plans in Support of Organizational Change and Digital Transformation
• Curriculum Development
• E-Learning Design
• Content Architecture
• Systems’ Training and Improved Speed to Competency Metrics
• Instructor Led Training
• Virtual Classroom Led Training
• Product development & Innovation plans.

Change We provide a full range of services to help learning and development organizations and HR departments reach their fullest potential. Our specialty is creative and innovative learning and performance support solutions